Monday, February 1, 2010

New Year, New Look, New House!

What a year it has been already! I've been a little busy over the past two months since my last official post, because so much has been happening. The last time I blogged I was all organised and ready to begin Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas, and sadly I didn't complete a single layout for it. Early December we signed contracts for a house and with the whirlwind of getting all the documents organised, the busyness of Christmas and New Year and amongst it all the packing to get done time really got a way from me.
We finally got the keys to our new home last Wednesday and have been kept busy with the move and the painting and a decision yesterday to completely sand and re-polish the floor boards throughout the house. All I can say is thank goodness for parents, especially Dad's! I am truly grateful for all the hardwork my man, my dad and my father in law have put in to fixing up the house. We have had so much help in the move from friends and family from packing, to cleaning, to physically moving our things. I'm not sure even how to show them how much there hardwork is appreciated.
Hopefully we will finally get to stay in the house and start all the joy of unpacking come the weekend.
On the scrapping front... I am so missing it!!!! I haven't scrapped for what feels like an eternity... but I have good excuse to do so... with Class Layout deadlines looming... I will be forced to scrap... O no LOL!
And a shout out to Sheree for my blog overhaul too... you can overtake it any time hun... thanks for the New Look, its very me!
Once we settle in I will hopefully get back in to scrapping and share some layouts with you guys.

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